Écoles de Production

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The Fédération des Ecoles de Production (Federation of the Production Schools) which was funded in 2000 aims at fighting school dropout and support occupational integration for young people in difficulty.

The Production Schools provide graduate education and qualifying and inserting courses, because students make real products for real customers. Their pedagogy relies on the « to make is to learn » principle.

Learn more: www.ecoles-de-production.com

Projet soutenu

« Territorial development from 2017 to 2020 »

Goals : Support the development of the Production School throughout the country by creating new courses in already-existing schools in order to raise the number of students and by creating 15 news schools in the next 3 years (passing from 19 schools in 2017 on to 32 schools in 2020).
Number of beneficiaries : 300 more students (from 15 to 20 years-old) over 3 years