The Pierre Bellon Foundation for Human Development

The founding CEO of Sodexo Group who became a global leader
in quality-of-life services, Pierre Bellon has always advocated
for an economy at the service of humankind.

After his work at Sodexo, the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants and several other organizations, in 2011 he decided
to establish the organization that prefigured
the Pierre Bellon Foundation for Human Development.
It has now become an officially recognized non-profit foundation.

Funded entirely by Bellon SA and owned by family shareholders,
the Pierre Bellon Foundation works with people in difficulty,
particularly young people, in France and abroad

Human Development

In order to contribute to human development, the Pierre Bellon Foundation has chosen to work in three priority areas:

  • Fulfilment of human potential
  • Work life, to make it a source of personal and collective fulfillment
  • Literacy, to help as many people as possible be independent

Develop partnerships

To achieve its missions in France and abroad, the Foundation has decided:

  • To finance projects of organizations of public interest, to initiate, strengthen and develop actions that can be replicated on a large scale
  • To create a Steering Committee, which selects projects to be supported based on specific criteria and on-site visits
  • To measure its impact among intended beneficiaries with evaluations tailored to supported projects

The Foundation also encourages the exchange of experiences and new initiatives for human development with:

  • Partner Conferences, held each year with the partners it supports
  • "Human Development Action" Conferences, held every two years with many actors in the area of human development