Work life


In France, 70% of workers believe the workplace situation has deteriorated in recent years, and that the quality of work life depends primarily on human relationships (84%) and interest in one’s work (53%). As a preventive measure, the Foundation has chosen to work primarily with young people, so that work life is for them a source of personal and collective fulfillment.


The Pierre Bellon Foundation is now preparing for the entry into working life of young people with the main objectives:

  • A direction chosen by - not imposed on - young people, with an exploration of work life, professions and companies starting in secondary school
  • Experiencing the work environment, with the creation of mini-companies, mock interviews, visits to professional organizations, access to internships
  • The development of skills for the workplace: teamwork, organization, timeliness, initiative, independence and more, with fun, formative activities


The Pierre Bellon Foundation supports:

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