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The ANSA (Agence Nouvelle des Solidarités Actives) is a French association aiming at fighting poverty and exclusion through local, experimental, innovative activities. The ANSA acts with disadvantaged population on long-term actions.

Parler Bambin is an innovating program aiming at stimulating the practice of language for small children that has three parts : a daily practice of language, several speaking activities with a specific pedagogy for the children who need them and a cooperation with parents in order to extend theses practices to their family environment.

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Projet soutenu

« Parler Bambin (Speaking with toddlers) »

Goals : - Create favorable conditions to support children in their learning of language by enabling them to learn more words during their preschool period
- To act in favour of equal opportunities as most of social inequality are built before the children enter the school system.
- Evaluate scientifically the benefits of the program for children and their families.
Number of beneficiaries : 96 preschool classes, 3000 children from 0 to 3, 1700 families, 1500 people working with toddlers