Les Enfants du Canal

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Les Enfants du Canal fights against the exclusion of homeless people and those living in slums in France.

This education program supports the families living in slums during all the appropriate steps to enrol their children in schools.


Learn more: www.lesenfantsducanal.fr

Projet soutenu

« Educating the children living in slums »

Goals : - To reorganise and capitalise the pilot project after 3 years of experimentation
- To offer assistance and school mediation for the children living in slums. Civic volunteers come 3 days a week in the slums to awaken the children interest to attend schools. Through playful activities, those volunteers develop a bond with the children and create a trusting relation between the families and the school frameworks.
- To raise awareness on the issues that are affecting those children living in slums
- To develop partnership with the concerned institutions and non-profit organisations
Number of beneficiaries : 100 school-aged children (3 to 16 years old) over one year