La Cravate Solidaire

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Cravate Solidaire encourages the acquisition of soft skills and an appropriate dress for people in need that will pass a job interview. The association is currently present in 9 cities in France.

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Projet soutenu

« From a local to a national impact »

Goals : The project development aims the opening of 6 news centers in different cities to cover more area.

- To offer workshops (job interview simulation) and trainings on stress management, body posture and appropriate attitude to job-seeking people
- To reinforce the monitoring, evaluation of Cravate Solidaire’s impact and the integration process within the hiring companies
- To organise and improve the support toward those who will open a new Cravate Solidaire’s center
- To develop national partnerships with companies and non-profit organisation
Number of beneficiaries : 8000 persons including 5000 underpriviledged youth (aged 18 to 25 y.o) over three year