La Fabrique Opéra

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La Fabrique Opéra supports the creation of cooperative operas that bring together young people coming from vocational training backgrounds and gets them involved in the production of each operatic work, making them participants in the project by applying their skills (hair, makeup, scenery, ticketing, etc.). It opens the doors of operatic performance to a wider audience in a very popular venue.

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Projet soutenu

« Développement de La Fabrique Opéra (Developing La Fabrique Opéra) »

Goals : Works to increase the number of vocational schools involved in the project and expand the concept to two new cities each year by helping them become independent and creating useful tools: a handbook on sharing experiences and data, an educational kit for primary school children who have been invited to the show.
Number of beneficiaries : 4150 young people from vocational schools, 25 350 school children, 5400 people in precarious circumstances and 76 500 audience members over 3 years.