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The first "Human Development Actions" Conference

The Pierre Bellon Foundation for Human Development is pleased to announce the first edition of its "Human Development Actions" Conference, focused on "Developing the Potential of Young People" held on October 15, 2015, from 9 AM to 6 PM at Yachts de Paris (Port de Javel Haut, 75015 Paris).

With more than 150 individuals and organizations active in the area of human development taking part, this event aims to promote:

  • Conferences, to get to know the actors working to develop the potential of young people in France and abroad
  • Sharing experiences, to exchange lessons learned in the field, both successes and failures
  • Inspiration, to encourage new initiatives for human development.

Organized by Pierre Bellon, these Conferences are designed to promote interaction among the participants:

  • Round table discussions, with participants including child psychiatrist Marcel Rufo, François Taddei, director of the Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire, and Nicolas Trowel, director of Apprentis d’Auteuil
  • The participation and personal stories of young people from partner associations
  • Field project presentations
  • Workshops to promote exchanges and the emergence of collective innovations among participants
  • A cadenced presentation by Franck Pruvost (Sensitive Ways) based on new technologies