Clowns Sans Frontières

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Clown Sans Frontières is an arts and humanitarian organization using live performances and laughter to bring moral and emotional support to people in need, marginalized people and those affected by humanitarian crises all over the world. 

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Projet soutenu

« Supporting local artists »

Goals : To support local artists who are committed in a project which aims to improve the social accompaniment of vulnerable children in Madagascar, in Senegal, in Egypt and in Ethiopia.
Pierre Bellon Foundation’s grants for the next three years will contribute to:
-The development of artistic activities that will bring psychosocial support to vulnerable children and youths
-The artistic skills building of local artists
-The capitalization of good practices to guarantee the sustainability of their actions
-Awareness-raising measures toward the general public on the issue of vulnerable children
-The monitoring, management and evaluation of the project
Number of beneficiaries : 84 local artists, 240 local social workers and 34 490 vulnerable children over 3 years.