La Cravate Solidaire

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Cravate Solidaire encourages the acquisition of soft skills and an appropriate dress for people in need that will pass a job interview. The association is currently present in 12 cities in France.

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Projet soutenu

« From a local to a national impact »

Goals : - To enter a second phase of change of scale by covering 15 employment areas in 2024 and by reinforcing with a complete pathway the accompaniment of young people actively seeking employment in order to optimize their chances of access to employment at a decisive moment: the job interview and entry into the professional world.
- The reinforcement of the support program for young people with the workshops: Coup de Pouce à la Maison, Coup de Pouce aux Jeunes Pousses and Coup 2 mains, as well as the follow-up of each young person in order to aim for a success rate of 70% in interviews
- Consolidation and structuring of the network as well as the coverage of 3 new territories in order to respond to requests for regional branches
Number of beneficiaries : 11,500 disadvantaged young people under the age of 26 over 3 years