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The SEVE association (Savoir être et Vivre Ensemble) contributes significantly, through the dissemination of workshops on philosophy and practice of attention, to the development of reflective thinking in children and adolescents, critical thinking and skills enabling them to grow in discernment and humanity and become conscious, active and enlightened citizens. It is developing its actions around the facilitation of workshops for young people as well as the SEVE course to train educators. 


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Projet soutenu

« All citizens thanks to a philosophical approach »

Goals : - To foster an inclusive citizenship that brings solutions in France and on a global scale through the practice of workshops on philosophy and practice of attention by children and young people, in particular those from the most fragile territories

- To promote the practice of philosophy for children and young people in fragile areas: priority zones, rural areas and overseas french department

- To meet the needs of children and young people by strengthening their psycho-social skills and responding to their needs for reflection on societal issues: identities, environment and ecology
Number of beneficiaries : 81 050 youth and 300 animators over 3 years