Zazakely Sambatra

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The association Zazakely Sambatra, created in 2004,aims to spread innovative educational approaches by accompanying children and young people in Madagascar to become actors of change in their own country.


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Projet soutenu

« Deployment of the Design for Change pedagogy in Madagascar »

Goals : - To develop the DFC approach in a sustainable way within the partner educational structures and to promote the valorization of the project and its impacts

- Organize training sessions on the DFC pedagogy for teachers and local educators

- Involve 9000 young people in the DFC approach and thus in the realization of citizen projects

- Develop partnerships with local actors (public, private and associative) so that the DFC approach can be replicated in different institutions to reach a wider public (e.g. street children, incarcerated children, etc.).
Number of beneficiaries : 600 local teachers & educators trained in the DFC (Design for Change) pedagogy

9000 children and youth supervised for the realization of 600 citizen projects