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Enactus-France, created in 2002 by Aymeric Marmorat, is an organization specialised in experiential education and commitment. It helps young people, high school and university students to develop their skills to innovate and act in the service of society and the planet.

By working in teams on entrepreneurial projects, Enactus-France aims to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds find their way in the world of work and to develop their commitment to their region and strengthen their sense of belonging to society.

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Projet soutenu

« Swarming of the Enactus High School students' pathways »

Goals : To allow access to Enactus Lycéens educational pathways to more high school students from disadvantaged areas in order to help them develop their cross-cutting skills and become aware of the issues in their areas, with the students being led to design solidarity projects, and for this the project plans to:
- Develop the autonomy of teachers to deploy the Enactus Lycéens program
- Expand the program to 8 regions and 1 DOM in France
Number of beneficiaries : 6,610 high school students and 560 teachers trained and mobilized