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Founded in 1998, Entrepreneurs du Monde supports the social and economic integration of people in very precarious situations around the world. It helps them become entrepreneurs, gain access to energy and adapt to climate change in order to emancipate themselves. To achieve its mission, Entrepreneurs du Monde creates and incubates local organizations until they become autonomous, focusing on four areas: social microfinance, access to energy, support for very small businesses and professional integration, and agro-entrepreneurship.

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Projet soutenu

« Strengthening the employability of vulnerable youth through a business school (Miawodo) in the waste management sector in Togo »

Goals : - Develop the Togolese waste management enterprise-school
- To implement effective and adapted training programs in the field of waste management in Togo
- To develop practical training and apprenticeship contracts with the actors of the waste management sector.
- Accompany Miawodo in the certification of its learning path, the improvement of its social performance and the capitalization of its practices
- To train and accompany young people in their professional integration project
- To give access to a path of integration through employment reinforcing technical, relational and human skills (soft skills)
- To provide support services for the creation of very small enterprises (VSE).
Number of beneficiaries : 200 young people (under 30 years old) job seekers with a low level of education