Ateliers Amasco

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The association Ateliers Amasco created in 2018 develops activities aimed at the development and autonomy of children enrolled in elementary school, with the aim of developing psychosocial skills and reinforcing the fundamentals. To this end, it offers weeks of fun and educational activities during the school vacations based on an active pedagogy that encourages learning through play. It provides a framework that favors the link with parents and a training opportunity for teachers, future teachers and animators.

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Projet soutenu

« High-quality educational programs for children and staff »

Goals : To combat inequalities by providing more children with educational support during the school vacations, and by training the animation teams by :
- Strengthening the program and its pedagogical impact by developing pedagogical tools and the quality of training for staff
- Structuring the Amasco program in the regions, by increasing Amasco's presence in regions and towns where the association is already present, and by opening a branch in Nantes.
- Monitoring and enhancing the association's impact, while improving communication with families
Number of beneficiaries : 3000 children aged 6 to 12