Chemins d'avenir

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The association Chemins d'avenirs, created in 2016 by Salomé Berlioux, fights against territorial fractures by betting on young people in rural areas and small towns to give them as much chance to achieve their potential - academic, professional and civic - as young people in large cities. To achieve this, young people (high school and university students) are informed and supported through 4 complementary actions:

- A methodology for self-reflection

- A system of individual sponsorship

- Thematic training courses

- Differentiating opportunities: internship offers, mobility grants, meetings with professionals and students, cultural and company visits, orientation newsletters (video-careers).

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Projet soutenu

« Revealing the potential of 1,000 youth in rural areas and small towns »

Goals : - Develop and intensify Chemins d'avenir actions in rural and small town territories in the academies of Amiens, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble and Nancy-Metz.
- Accompany these 1000 young people in realizing their potential
Number of beneficiaries : - 1000 youth
- 1000 sponsors