Ensemble pour la petite enfance

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The association was founded in 2016 by Nathalie Casso-Vicarini and aims to share up-to-date knowledge on child development with as many people as possible (parents and professionals). It aims to encourage the deployment of educational practices based on scientific studies in all childcare settings for the harmonious development of the child. Quality care and support from the very first days of life help to reduce social inequalities.

The association works for systemic change through 2 pillars:

- Action in the field: providing early childhood professionals with the tools and support they need to continuously improve the quality of their practices and restore meaning to their jobs.

- Advocacy: informing public decisions at national and international level to ensure greater consideration of early childhood for the well-being of today's and tomorrow's society

Learn more: eduensemble.org

Projet soutenu

« Deployment of the programm "Accompagne-moi... ! »

Goals : - Expand to 15 new towns that have approached the association by 2025
- Implement educational quality monitoring in all early childhood facilities nationwide
Number of beneficiaries : - 1450 early childhood professionals (and 120 childminders in individual childcare settings)
- 7834 parents
- 4352 children under 3 years of age