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ETRE schools have a twofold objective: to support young people's long-term integration into the trades of the future, and to accelerate the ecological transition through trades and skills.
ETRE schools support and train young people aged 16 to 25, who are far from employment, in the manual trades of the ecological transition. At an ETRE school, young people take part in practical, hands-on workshops to discover a range of green and greening professions (energy renovation, agroecology, sustainable management of green spaces, etc.). The ETRE schemes form a pathway from remobilization to training leading to certification, and enable young people to work on their career orientation, remove obstacles to integration and become players in the ecological transition.

Learn more: www.ecole-transition.eu

Projet soutenu

« Supporting schools in the ecological transition ETRE »

Goals : The ETRE network is now looking to strengthen its support activities, to enable the 20 schools already active to become more sustainable and maximize their impact on young people in their local areas.
- Strengthening support for active ETRE schools
- Structure the network of ETRE schools to ensure their sustainability
- Managing the network
Number of beneficiaries : 3780 youth over 3 years