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ScholaVie is an association that works for the well-being and success of students, and those who accompany them, through the development of psychosocial skills (CPS) such as self-confidence, understanding and managing one's emotions, motivation, strengths, resilience, empathy, creativitý, etc. ScholaVie's mission is thus to ensure the well-being of all, in the service of each individual's success, by offering education professionals (Teachers, School Heads, Inspectors, Educators, Psychologists, Nurses, Doctors) support, resources and tools to put research findings at the service of academic success.

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« Psychosocial skills training for education and health professionals »

Goals : To train educational teams each year in CPS in a hybrid way, face-to-face and via the ScholaVie training platform by:
- Training 20 teams of around ten people, from primary and/or secondary schools, with a dual scientific and pedagogical approach.
- Support via the ScholaVie platform to deepen theoretical and practical content, experiment and exchange with the ScholaVie community.
Number of beneficiaries : - 600 education and health professionals (school doctors, psychologists and nurses from the French Ministry of Education) from the 1st and 2nd grades (teachers, school management, AESH, psychologists, etc.)
- 36,000 young people from kindergarten to high school