The Partners Conference

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The Pierre Bellon Foundation holds
this event every year
with its partners in order to:
  • Help partners network with each other
  • Share experiences and good practices
  • Encourage new initiatives

The Foundation is assisted by Franck Pruvost, a human development consultant, in the organization and conduct of these conferences.

Partners' meeting 2023

« The vision at the service of human development »


Faced with the complexity and uncertainty of today's world, we need to change the way we think about strategy.

In this context, how is vision necessary to initiate and develop a project? What role does this vision play at different stages in the life of an association? How do you share it and keep it alive in your organization? But also how do you adjust it to changes in society and the environment, as well as to the various constraints that force us to constantly adapt?

Partners' meeting 2022

« Listening at the service of human development »


Listening is not something that is innate and simple. The term listening goes far beyond our auditory abilities and covers other dimensions, which are learned and developed. True listening is based on creating a relationship of trust, adopting a posture of openness, non-judgment, accepting silences and not giving answers...

The issue of listening was addressed on an individual and collective level and the associations recognized the importance of listening both internally and externally to their various stakeholders.

We invited experts and all our partners to share their experiences and points of view on this subject. They were able to reflect together on the best ways to act within organizations in order to find adapted and concrete answers that would allow associations to adopt a posture of active and deep listening.

Partners' meeting 2021

« " Parenthood and human development " »


The role of the family in the broadest sense of the term is decisive in the human development of the younger generations. Numerous studies show, for example, the decisive influence of the function and practices of parents on the academic success of their children. At the same time, many parents testify to the difficulties of their educational mission and the cost of family failures is very heavy from all points of view.

Faced with this challenge, the associations had to reflect on how to concretely create a solid educational alliance between parents and the actors of human development, in order to promote the success of children and youth.

We invited experts and all our partners to share their experiences and views on this topic. They were able to reflect together on the best ways to act within organizations in order to find the most innovative answers that would allow associations to better and more involved parents in the realization and success of projects.

Rencontre des Partenaires 2016

« Contribuer au développement humain à l’ère du numérique »

28 septembre 2016

Not available at the moment.

Rencontre des Partenaires 2014

« Evaluating human development »

September 24, 2014

How can human development be evaluated?
Does the evaluation really reflect reality?
How can we make the evaluation of human development a useful, or more useful, tool?
We invited our partners to share their thoughts, experiences, practices, needs and expectations in this regard so that, together, we can solutions for tomorrow.

Rencontre des Partenaires 2013

« Our vision of human development »

September 18, 2013

Because they have reflected on this question for a long time,
Because they have developed approaches to teaching the concept of human development,
We invited our partners to share, through their unique and expert perspectives, their vision of human development, to shed light on this subject that remains difficult to define